Machine design and construction

Soil sampling machine – UPP 600.

We are one of the few companies that uses their manufactured machines and technology to provide services related to the above. 

By the end of 2018 we completed the design of the UPP 600 soil sampling machine. We developed our own soil sampling technology. We have produced a unique, reliable machine capable of taking soil samples up to a depth of 60 cm by automatically dividing them into two layers (0-30 cm, 30-60 cm).  The machine can of course take samples up to a standard depth of 25 – 30 cm (samples for macroelements analysis). It is also possible to determine different depths of soil sampling up to 60 cm. Thanks to the application of appropriate technologies the device is adapted to work in extreme conditions (heavy soil, frozen soil). Thanks to such a robust machine we meet all the requirements of our customer and we take samples in various weather and soil conditions. We will adjust the sampling technique to the conditions. 



The machine has full technical documentation.  In addition to the technical design and other documentation of the machine, we have developed a very important declaration of conformity with the requirements of European Union directives (directives on safety in use, health protection, environment, etc.), which is why our machine is CE marked. Used machines must be certified according to EU directives. Failure to carry out the CE marking on the machine would result in high financial penalties.   



In the early 2019 we started to produce our machine. Work on the prototype was completed in May 2019 and by the end of August the testing phases were successfully completed. After a few improvements, the final product of our machine – UPP600 was created, which we can produce in series. During the operation of the UPP-600 it cooperates with GPS system and other systems that improve its operation.

As the machine is not yet produced in series, but only for the purpose of our company, we do not give detailed parameters of the machine. This is a company secret. The UPP-600 documentation is owned by Euro Top.

Currently, there are also other devices in the design phase that will be used in other sectors outside of agriculture.